Cool Campaigns

Climate Action - it's a good thing.

So let's promote it!

Climate Action is a national campaign that can be adapted to local engagement campaigns to promote action.

As a marketing campaign, there are two versions  - one for homes and one for businesses and groups.

Climate Action for Business is a self-assessed program to recognize action in five categories:

  1. Our Actions: extreme weather readiness, energy conservation, or supporting local and healthy food
  2. Our Products and Services: helping customers and clients with climate action
  3. Community Support: contributions to help build a vibrant and complete community
  4. Trail-Blazing and Innovation: embracing and advancing new ideas in clean technology or social and economic innovation
  5. Being Carbon Neutral: achieving carbon neutrality or a net gain in emissions reduction.

The business version is designed for use by local or regional business associations and individual companies. Each rating should be backed up with details, either an information sheet for small businesses and groups, or a web page on climate leadership for larger groups and companies. You can include your own actions as well as the products and services you offer to help others take action. The material can also be adapted and incorporated into your own marketing and promotion campaigns.

The home version can be used by community groups, schools, or any membership association (e.g. faith, culture, or environmental) to engage people in climate action.

Climate Action can be adapted for use by a single store, a community or municipal campaign, marketing a corporate climate program, or a provincial climate plan.