Personal Action

Personal Action

We CAN make a difference

Our Actions Matter

It's easy to think we are powerless in the face of climate change. What can we possibly do to stop a hurricane, a forest fire, a flood, or a drought?

The answer is that individual action is not only important, it is vital.

  1. It adds up.  More than half of carbon emissions are the direct result of individual behavior - in particular the cars we drive and the homes we heat.
  2. It sparks change. When we change our behaviours and purchases, it creates demand for green products and supports the call for government leadership.

So yes, our actions matter!

We created climate change through our combined choices.
Our actions can also create a better future - great homes, in great communities, and a great country.



Take a look at how climate action can  help you save money and live better! (pdf version)


A Personal Climate Action Plan

Let no one say we couldn't make a difference