Climate Action for Businesses

supporting business leadership

We know businesses are already concerned about climate change.

They are concerned about rising energy costs, and about the potential impacts of extreme weather and long-term climate change.

We know most businesses are already taking action. And many businesses are aware that their customers are also looking for products and services that will help them take action. We also know that people will actively support businesses that are climate leaders.  Add the pieces together, and you have the potential for an extremely effective campaign.

Climate Leaders is a way for businesses to show their commitment, and to make customers aware that they can help them as well. The campaign works just as well for large companies and community business associations. The key steps to delivering a campaign are:

  1. a lead organization (a  business association or individual company)
  2. tailor the campaign material (climate action plan and window cling)
  3. outreach to stores
  4. integration with community campaigns

Climate Action Plan


Think of the many types of stores, restaurants, and offices in your neighbourhood. We've made it as simple as possible to engage them all in a Climate Leaders campaign with one-page climate plan that can be filled in on the spot, or adapted and printed out as a statement of commitment to climate action.

Download a copy as pdf or as a Word file.

Working with the local business association, a project staff person on volunteer can contact stores and help them fill out a climate plan and rate their level of commitment.

Most stores and businesses should be able to demonstrate a commitment in the first three categories, making them eligible to display the window cling. Businesses are also encouraged to display their climate plan, or post it on their website.




The Window Cling

There will be three variations of the window cling - three to five stars.

The design can be adapted to incorporate campaign sponsors - including national and provincial governments, municipalities, agencies, corporations, and organizations. It all depends on who is  involved in the distribution campaign.