The plan


So let's do it!

Out plan to link Climate Action and Social Benefit

Our Climate Plan for Canadians is based on a simple idea: that acting on climate change should also help us improve our lives, our economy, and our communities. It should help us create a better future for Canada.

Click here to read the fifteen page plan. It won't take long, but it may change the way you think about climate action, government climate plans, and what you can do!


Adapt and Adopt

This plan is an approach that can be easily integrated into all municipal, provincial and federal climate plans.

Our climate is changing. Our world is changing. We need to work together to rise to the challenges and focus on the future we want instead of the future we fear.



Key Points

From this one simple idea of linking climate action and social benefit flows a number of related ideas:

  • There should be a price on carbon, and the money used to help Canadians live better with less carbon. Invest in communities, foster innovation, and provide incentives to nudge us onto a conserver path.
  • It's not just about government policy and plans. Government leadership on climate change is crucial, but what we do in our homes, our work, and our communities is just as important. Climate action is a national priority to be shared by all of us.
  • Climate action is good. It can save us money, reduce stress, diversify our economy, and improve our quality of life. It can give us the future we want instead of the future we fear.
  • The answers are out there. There is a wealth of volunteers, organizations, innovators, businesses, and institutions that offer services, products and incentives for climate-related solutions. We need to embrace and empower a complex and diverse climate movement.
  • We can do this. We're talking about nothing less than the voluntary transition to a low-carbon future. And it's not that hard if we focus on solutions people want. From individual solutions to redesigning our communities and economy, it's all possible if we focus on empowering positive, voluntary change.