Cool Communities


Organizing for climate action

We need to organize Canada for climate action - and we need to do it at the community level.


Here's why.

We have federal and provincial climate plans and municipal climate plans that are funding climate solutions. Things people want, such as

  • energy conservation,
  • green energy,
  • electric vehicles,
  • transit,
  • cycling,
  • local food,
  • green jobs,
  • green infrastructure, and
  • complete communities.

We need to reach 36 million people across Canada and help them become part of Canada's commitment to climate action. We need to help them act in ways that help them improve their lives -- by saving money, coping with extreme weather, adapting to climate change, creating local jobs,  improving their quality of life.

One of the best ways to connect with people is through our communities and the groups we belong to, but there is very little support for community planning and action. It's the missing link in Canada's climate plans.

It's time we organize our communities and harness the power and potential of community groups and volunteers in helping Canada shift to a low-carbon future.

Cool Communities are communities that are organized and ready to act. They are able to promote climate solutions that make sense for their community - matching climate action with social benefit. They are the essential link between climate plans and people.


Here's how we do it...

1. Organize communities
Read our Really Simple Guide to Organizing Communities for a super flexible approach that can be adapted to your community.

Perhaps your group is ready to host a community network and community climate action plan.

2. Create Community Climate Funds
See what is needed to fund a nation-wide network of cool communities. Funding programs can be set up locally, provincially, or at a national level, and can involve multiple partners.


Let's empower community action on climate change across Canada!