Canada is a great place to live

Climate action is how we can make sure Canadians can have the future we want:
a great life, in a great community, in a great country.

Here's How

We start by finding climate solutions that make sense:
  • solutions that are easy, affordable, and desirable
  • solutions that improve our lives
  • solutions that strengthen our communities
  • solutions that build our country


Climate Action Canada offers ideas to help climate leaders design better climate plans and programs.
These ideas will lead to:
  1. Better Climate Plans
  2. A Thousand Climate Plans


Better Climate Plans

The big difference is to design a climate plan from the bottom up.

  • Start with people and communities. They are our clients.
  • Work with community groups, organizations, and businesses. They are our allies. Find common ground and a common vision.
  • Develop integrated solutions. Climate friendly solutions that support communities and local economies.
  • Collaborate. Find where you can lead, where you need help, and how you can help others.
  • Find solutions people want. If climate solutions are to be effective in the long run, they must be easy, affordable, and (above all) desirable.
Climate Action should be easy

A Thousand Climate Plans

The other big difference is to design not just one big climate plan, but a thousand interconnected plans from communities, businesses, organizations, and governments. Each plan reflects the needs, aspirations, available resources, and commitment of those who draft it. And a thousand plans leads to the level of action and commitment that will to get us to the future we want.


  • A vision (transformation)
  • Priorities and targets
  • Leadership
  • Partnerships
  • Support programs and funding
  • All party support


  • A vision (market transformation)
  • Products and/or services
  • Collaboration
  • Community Support


  • A community vision
  • A community network and resources
  • Community priorities
  • Volunteer energy
  • Funded projects


  • Research centres
  • Solution leaders
  • Funders
  • Promoters

Together, we can do this.