The plan


So let's do it!

Our plan to put Canadians in Canada's Climate Plans

Our Climate Plan for Canadians is based on a simple idea: that acting on climate change should also help us improve our lives, our economy, and our communities. It should help us create a better future for Canada.

Click here to read the sixteen page plan. It won't take long, but it may change the way you think about climate action, government climate plans, and what you can do!

Adapt and Adopt

This plan can be easily integrated into all municipal, provincial and federal climate plans, or by individuals and groups looking to make a difference.

Our climate is changing. Our world is changing. We need to work together to rise to the challenges and focus on the future we want instead of the future we fear.

The Six Steps

Here's a quick summary of the six steps to stronger voluntary sector role in engaging Canadians in climate action:

  • the first step is how we strengthen our impact by integrating climate action with other social and economic goals - finding allies in action.
  • The next three steps are how we organize ourselves - voluntary sector leadership supported by government climate funds and other funders
  • the last two steps are how we turn capacity into action - a focus on community-based marketing to connect people with climate solutions that make sense for them.