Top Ideas

Our top ideas

Right now, the biggest challenge with climate change is mobilizing ourselves.

In most cities and provinces in Canada, we have a climate goal, targets, carbon pricing, and signature actions. What we lack is the means to engage people and communities as active partners in climate action.

We have climate plans at all levels of government, but very few in our communities.

Climate action is about encouraging and helping Canadians to take action - both directly in reducing personal carbon emissions and indirectly in creating a future that is green, prosperous, and a high quality of life.

Our top ideas for climate action focus on how to engage people and communities in using climate action as the path to a better future for all Canadians.


Kickstarting Communities

  1. Get organized
    1. Build a community network - connect with other community groups
    2. Conduct a community scan - find out who is doing what
    3. produce a Community Climate Action Plan - promote your vision, priorities, and capacity to deliver
  2. Run a Climate Action Campaign- get people interested and help connect them with simple solutions


  1. Build social benefit into your climate plan
  2. Fund community action plans
  3. Fund community engagement projects
  4. Integrate climate, social, and economic funding to promote co-benefits and streamlined funding applications
  5. Streamline and simplify reporting requirements


Funders / Corporations

  1. Show leadership in climate action in your own activities (see Climate Action for Business)
  2. Support climate action or your local community


Do this, and we lay the foundation for the transition to a low-carbon future by investing in people and communities.