Three Big Ideas

A foundation for action

There are thousands of ways to act on climate change, and there are hundreds of organizations and businesses that can help you along the way. Our goal is to connect them all together as part of a national climate action campaign.

We call it movement-based campaigning. It's not just a social marketing campaign by one organization or a government. It's ideas and material that can be used by any organization, community group, company, or government; or by a community network, business association, regional association, or provincial or federal government to market and support climate action. It's all of us together, and the campaign material can be adapted and adopted to fit your branding and outreach campaigns.

There are lots of ways to promote and celebrate climate action across Canada. Our material is shareware - free to use by anyone who shares our objective of promoting positive action on climate change and a better future for Canada. As Climate Action Canada continues to grow, we will be able to provide more resources to local groups across Canada.


Our Big Ideas

There are three ideas that stand out. These are our priorities for building a stronger climate action movement across Canada.

  1. Climate Leaders: We need a nation of climate leaders: individuals, businesses, groups, and governments. Our campaign promotes voluntary leadership on energy  conservation and climate change, and helps connects people with the products, services, and incentives to help them take action.
  2. Community Action: A compact, vibrant and engaged community is the cornerstone of a better future for Canada: a great place to live. We understand that to transition to a low-carbon future we need to invest in our communities. We start with a Community Action Network (CAN) that can run community campaigns to integrate climate action with other community priorities (jobs, cost of living, community projects, etc.). We need a nation-wide network of community networks.
  3. Integrated Community Campaigns: Imagine if a community network tackled climate action - each organization contributing a project or activity in support of engaging and helping people take action. Not only is this a great way to get people involved, it also supports the community network and community priorities.



Where next? Delve into the ideas above. See what ideas you can apply in your organization, business, community, municipality, or regional climate plan. When you are ready, go to How You Can Help.