How you can help

Let's make this work

Here are some suggestions on how you can help build a climate action movement across Canada.

You may already be doing some of these things. We've had a pretty strong climate action movement across Canada for several decades now. It's the thousands of volunteers, community groups, organizations, entrepreneurs, businesses, foundations, and governments that are working on climate solutions in their homes, community and work. Keep it up. Let's make the movement even stronger.


Individual Action

As individuals, there are many ways we can help build a stronger climate action movement.




1. Include social benefit as a priority for climate plans and carbon funds.
  • make social benefit a desired co-benefit for climate programs and funding.
  • integrate climate action into strategies for community and economic development


2. Raise new funds for climate action
  • ensure carbon revenue is linked to funding climate action that results in both carbon emission reductions and social benefit
    • invest in green infrastructure (such as transit, stormwater management, and complete communities)
    • provide public and business incentives for a complete range of climate solutions (energy conservation, renewable power, electric vehicles and scooters, active transportation, local food, and green jobs)
    • invest in the social capacity to support a long-term transition to a low-carbon society and economy
  • develop foundation and corporate funds for community resiliency and the transition to a low-carbon future
  • create a community crowd-funding platform for community action plans and climate projects


3. Support community-led action across Canada
  • include community engagement and support in all government climate plans
  • support local green groups to engage and support individual action
  • create community networks to develop local action plans that integrate climate action with community goals
  • fund community projects for energy conservation, renewable power, active transportation, local food, green jobs, and other local solutions


4. Create a nation of climate leaders
  • develop a national social marketing campaign to promote individual and business action on climate change
  • use the campaign to promote
    • incentives and support programs for climate solutions
    • local businesses and organizations that offer climate solutions
    • a nation-wide commitment to action
  • adapt the campaign to fit different jurisdictions or audiences
    • Provinces and municipalities can integrate the campaign into their outreach campaigns
    • messaging can be adapted to meet the needs of different audiences


Collaboration and Growth

Think this has potential? Here are two ways we can fully develop Climate Action Canada.

  • designate a lead national charity as the host for a national initiative
  • create a Climate Action Alliance of leading NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders with a mission to collaborate and implement climate solutions across Canada.

Your thoughts

Contact me with your ideas and suggestions for how we can build a climate action movement in Canada that is focused on delivering solutions and helping people take action in their homes, communities, and businesses.