Climate Leaders Campaign

Rethink Climate Marketing

It's time for a new approach to marketing action on climate change. Not top down, not even bottom up, but a blend of both.

We need to look at climate action as a national movement, where each and every one of us is a leader - each in our own way and for our own reasons. We need to help people adopt climate solutions that improve their lives at the same time as they reduce our carbon footprint.

Welcome to Climate Leaders: a national, movement-based social marketing campaign and support program for action on climate change.

It's what we call our radically pragmatic approach. Radical, in that it turns the conventional approach to social marketing on its head. Pragmatic, in that it helps every individual, business, and organization in Canada be part of a common movement for a better future.

Climate Leaders

A nation-wide, movement-based campaign to promote climate action

A nation of Leaders

We are all climate leaders - each in our own way and for our own reasons.

We all have different needs, so we should be able to pick the solutions that make sense for us. What we are looking for is help to make taking action easy, affordable, and desirable.

simple yet complex

Climate Leaders translates the complexity of climate action into five categories of leadership:

  1. saving energy (climate mitigation)
  2. being climate ready (climate adaptation)
  3. building community (long-term solutions)
  4. trail blazing (early adopters)
  5. being carbon neutral (true excellence)

Movement Marketing

This is not just one organization, or a government campaign. This is all of us together, working for a better future.

Campaign material can be adapted and adopted by governments, non-government organizations, community groups, and business associations across the country. The core message is the same, but the ideas for action are tailored to the audience.

Loads of Support

People will choose the solutions that improve their lives. The campaign needs to connect them with products, services, and incentives that make those solutions easy and affordable.

A national Climate Action directory, in-store signage, and promotional campaigns will help turn public commitment into action.

Everyone benefits

People get solutions they want. Groups and businesses can market their products and services. Governments can promote their programs and incentives.

NGO led

The campaign will be led through a national charity, arms-length from government and working on behalf of all Canadians.

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Here are four ways we can build the campaign:

  1. Think Big: We can set up a national or provincial development team and advisors to pull the campaign together - senior players (NGOs, foundations, businesses and governments) in the climate change field who can underwrite the development costs and/or who are willing to be part of a collaboration to shape the campaign.
  2. Think Small: We can build the campaign from the ground up. If there are groups or municipalities that are willing to pilot the campaign with their members or in their community, we can test how well the campaign can be integrated into existing outreach and communication channels, and how it can best support existing support programs for climate-related activities. Fill in the survey at 
  3. Think Inside the Box: We can integrate the campaign ideas into an outreach campaign for an existing government, company, or organization.
  4. Think Outside the Box: Innovators are welcome. If you share our goal, think of ways you can build on the core concepts with applications or programs. This is, after all, a movement-based campaign.

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