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Climate Action Canada

Climate Action Canada is an independent initiative that seeks to turn action on climate change into a positive force for the future we want. It has a bold plan, some "radically pragmatic" ideas, and the potential to house a national database of climate solutions, incentives, and resources.

Climate Action Canada is not an organization, it's just an idea and some resources to help volunteers, groups, businesses, and governments engage and support Canadians around climate action. An idea that is growing.


The Founder's Message: Chris Winter

I started Climate Action Canada after about 30 years of work on conservation and sustainability issues, followed by a couple of years research into environmental, economic, and social trends and the implications for our movement. Out of that research came both the need for a renewed commitment to voluntary leadership and the opportunity to connect climate change with social benefit.

Oddly enough, the URL climateaction.ca was available, and so this site was born early 2016. The site currently reflects the four priorities in the 2017 plan: a national petition, community action, a climate leaders campaign, and enhanced funding. Where it goes from here depends entirely on what happens next. At the very least, I will continue to maintain this website and resources as a volunteer and assist organizations as best I can.

It is evident that the downward trends I wrote about in The Next Wave continue to escalate, and the need is now even greater for a community-oriented social movement that emphasizes quality of life over wealth and power, that trumps ideologies yet has room for all. That may sound like a radical notion, but it builds on our common desire to make our homes, our communities, and our country a great place to live. It also builds on the strength of the green movement that has been growing steadily since the early 1990s. So in fact, the idea of a nation social movement in support of climate action is quite pragmatic. And that's precisely the space Climate Action Canada occupies: a radically pragmatic idea to push us forward. 

If you would like more information on me, or would like professional support, please see my consulting site www.cwinter.ca.