In the end, it's about connecting people with Solutions

We need to make climate action easy, affordable, and desirable.

The whole reason behind Climate Action Canada comes down to finding better ways to help people take action. It's about how we can make climate action easy, affordable, and desirable.

We can make it easy...

  • with websites providing clear and concise information on climate solutions and financial support
  • through effective and meaningful community engagement

We can make it affordable...

  • by linking carbon pricing to incentives and grants for a wide range of carbon solutions

We can make it desirable...

  • by linking climate solutions with social benefit (lower cost of living, quality of life, local economy, complete communities)
  • with social marketing to support voluntary leadership


In the end, the goal is to connect people with solutions they want - in their own way and for their own reasons.


In this section, we look at two ways to connect people with solutions :

  1. The best websites: the best examples of websites and information portals for climate plans and solutions.
  2. Branding: how to use the climate action logo for your campaign or community engagement strategy.