The Petition

Let's put people at the heart of climate plans

We have an amazing opportunity in Canada to invest carbon revenue into climate solutions that will benefit all Canadians - in our homes, our communities, and our work.  Let's do it.


Petitions are a great way to to turn public support into political action.

So here's the concept: instead of petitioning each government separately (municipal, provincial and federal), why not have one common petition in support of climate action where the data can be used to promote action at all levels, and all across the country.

The draft petition below asks our governments to put people at the heart of their climate plans through incentives, support for community engagement, investments in green infrastructure, and economic incentives. It's asking governments to implement climate plans that will benefit Canadians in their homes, communities, and work.

Read it over, see how it would benefit your group, community, or business. Send in your comments or suggestions, and let us know how you can help promote it to your members and community. We'll place the petition online when there is sufficient support for a promotional campaign.

Note: The petition is not yet live.

Put people at the heart of climate action plans

To our federal, provincial, and municipal governments:

We want you to put people at the heart of your climate action plans.

We want plans that help us adapt to climate change, conserve energy, save money, and improve our lives. We want plans that invest in our communities and local economies. We want plans that connect climate solutions with social benefit.

Why? Because climate change is not just an environmental issue, it’s a social one. Because Canadians can respond to climate change in ways that will also improve our lives. Because social benefit is the key to continued public support for climate leadership. And because linking climate action and social benefit will allow us to create the future we want.

We want you to set a price on carbon that will escalate as required to meet aggressive climate targets and provide funding for climate solutions. We want you to invest carbon revenue in climate solutions that also benefit Canadians by improving our lives, our communities, our work, and our economy. This includes:

  1. incentives to help us invest in conservation, renewable power, and transportation alternatives;
  2. investments in public transit, a green grid, stormwater management, and complete communities;
  3. funding for local projects to engage Canadians, help us adapt to climate change, prepare for extreme weather, take action in our own homes, and create vibrant and efficient communities;
  4. support for innovation in green jobs, clean technology, social ventures, and local economies.

We believe Canada is a great place to live. We want to keep it that way. Show us climate plans that invest in Canadians, our communities, and our country.


Can you help?

Send in your comments or suggestions, and let us know how you can help promote it to your members and community.