How change happens

Movement-Based Marketing

Get ready for a whole new way of marketing climate action - positive and organic. Movement-based marketing is all of us pushing a common message, interpreting it in our own way, and building momentum towards a common goal. It's a little bit messy, and we like it that way.

This is not your average top-down campaign. It's an "adapt and adopt" approach, where participating groups, businesses and governments can integrate the core message and artwork into their own outreach campaigns and promotion. We give up central control, but we gain an amazing amount of strength through co-marketing.

3rsIf there is a precedent, it would be the recycling and the 3Rs logo. Google recycling images, and you will see how a simple logo has been adapted and adopted the world over.

We've designed the blue arrow as shareware, and integrated it with the red maple leaf to signify climate action by Canadians. Let's see where it can go.

A Catalyst for action

Climate Action Canada is a catalyst for action. We offer ideas and social marketing campaigns that you can integrate into your own programs. 



The Climate Action campaign has a core design which embraces the complexity of climate action and translates it into five key areas of action:

  1. Being Climate Ready - preparing for extreme weather and climate impacts
  2. Saving Energy - conservation and renewable power
  3. Building Community - helping others and creating more complete and resilient communities
  4. Trail Blazing - adopting or developing new ideas and approaches
  5. Carbon Neutral - achieving net zero or a positive impact on reducing climate change

See our Solutions page for details.



We market the campaign through a variety of project ideas and campaigns, including:

  1. Public Awareness material - ways to raise awareness in support of community projects and campaigns
  2. A Climate Leaders campaign - recognizing stores, businesses and organizations that are leading the way with climate solutions
  3. Climate Fairs - community events to showcase products and services to help people take action
  4. Community Climate Plans - recognizing the role of compact and vibrant communities as the foundation for a low-carbon future.

With full funding, we could back these programs up with an online directory of incentives and support for climate solutions and a national climate card to connect consumers with discounts and incentives.


Integrated Marketing

Each of these ideas can be implemented as a stand alone project - in a local neighbourhood, for a membership organization, as a municipal project, as a business association campaign, or as a nation-wide campaign. They are local, and scalable.

The true value comes from combining each of these activities into an integrated community marketing campaign, or a national climate action campaign. This is where we are able to connect voluntary sector outreach and support, business products and services, and government incentives and support into a fully integrated campaign.