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Let's make this work

Here's what we know:

  1. Climate change is real.
    We are already feeling the effects of extreme weather and rising costs for energy and food. The impact will only become more pronounced.
  2. Canadians are ready to act.
    Show us how acting on climate change can create a better future. Help us save money, improve our lives and our communities, create jobs, and support our local economies.
  3. We can do better.
    We all need to work together to support climate action.


A Radically Pragmatic solution - Climate Action Canada

Climate Action Canada starts with what seems like a crazy notion - that Canadians can make a big difference.

It may seem impossible to organize a nation around climate action - 14 senior governments, hundreds of municipal governments, thousands of organizations, businesses and communities, and 36 million people - but if we focus on three key interconnected activities we can get pretty darn close.

  1. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT - investing carbon revenue in incentives, support programs, and infrastructure to support climate action
  2. COMMUNITY ACTION - organizing local groups to promote climate solutions that meet the needs and goals of their communities
  3. CLIMATE CAMPAIGNS - movement-based campaigns involving multiple partners (government, NGO, business, foundation) to promote climate action and climate solutions

Each of these solutions is possible. Each challenges us to work together to support climate action. And if you look at them together, they help build a strong national climate action movement.

How Climate Action Canada can help

1. We can measure success

There are actually some very simple ways to measure success. These are the indicators we use to track climate action:

1. the number of  climate action websites or pages (municipal and senior government)

We are tracking government websites that focus primarily on supporting individual and community action. This is a good indicator of whether the government has developed a strong public component in its climate action plan. Ideally, we are looking for the following five components: 

  • incentives for individuals and businesses to adopt climate solutions
  • funding for community organizing and voluntary sector engagement and support programs
  • campaigns to promote climate action and climate solutions
  • links to related programs and funding with similar goals
  • information on government investments in infrastructure, economic development and other measures in support of climate action

2. The number of organized communities

We are tracking communities that have at least three of the following elements

  • a community lead
  • a community network
  • a community scan
  • a community climate action plan
  • community climate projects and/or campaigns

3. the number of climate campaigns

We are tracking movement-based climate campaigns. These are campaigns that involve multiple partners working in support of a common goal (and so advertising and government social-marketing campaigns are not included in this tally). Ideally, we are looking for:

  • a lead organization or collaborative
  • multiple partners representing different perspectives and expertise
  • core campaign material that can be used or adapted by groups to fit the specific needs of their membership or audience
  • a combination of marketing tools, including mainstream media, social media, and community outreach


2. We can help

Climate Action Canada may be a small venture, but we stand ready to help.

Whether you are a community group or voluntary sector group looking for support, or a major organization, business, or government looking to incorporate our ideas into your climate programs or plans, please contact us.


Let's put Canadians into Canada's climate plans!

About Climate Action Canada

Climate Action Canada has been developed by Chris Winter, drawing on over thirty years experience in designing voluntary transition strategies, community action, and promotional campaigns.

As a movement-based campaign, Climate Action Canada can be further developed through a number of avenues - organically or by design. If you are interested in using, adapting, supporting or spearheading a component or the overall campaign, please contact us.