Green Groups

Start a Local Green Group

Starting a green group can be as easy as having coffee with a few friends, coming up with a name, and planning a first event or campaign.

Green groups run from small volunteer groups to local charities with funded programs and staff. Their activities can include education and awareness, consultation and lobbying, community engagement, or physical projects. If you are just starting out, take a look at the Green Neighbours model. You can build your organization over time and as interest grows and new opportunities arise.

Here are some examples:

Green Neighbours
A number of ward-based green neighbours groups have sprung up in Toronto over the past decade. They are beginning to form a network within Toronto in order to help each other and expand the model across the city. Here are a couple of their websites:

  1. Green Neighbours 2
  2. Green 13

Transition Towns
The Transition Network is an international initiative linking Transition Towns in communities around the world. They have links to several dozen Transition Towns in Canada.

Green Communities Canada
Green Communities Canada is a national association of community organizations that help people go green – in their homes and gardens, on the road, at work, and in the community. GCC has over two dozen member organizations in every region of the country, with combined annual revenues of $24 million, 600 employees, and more than 2000 volunteers.