Government Leadership

Government Leadership

We all expect our governments to be climate leaders. That much is given. But we cannot expect them to solve it for us. Government leadership includes both the willingness to be out front, but also the commitment to help us all take action.

Governments are encourage to integrate the climate action arrow into their logo and marketing for all programs that support climate action, especially those that support voluntary leadership by individuals, communities, and business.


Tracking Government Leadership

Leadership by Canadian governments (municipal, provincial, and federal) means that they act decisively on climate change by:

  • recognizing the urgency of acting on climate change
  • understanding the need to transform our society and economy to a low-carbon future
  • recognizing the potential to connect climate action with social benefit
  • seeking to create a better future for all Canadians through climate action
  • enacting climate plans that fully reflect this commitment

Federal, provincial, and municipal climate plans should include:

  • a goal of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 (based on 1990 levels)
  • interim targets to ensure steady progress
  • legislation and regulations to ensure action
  • a price on carbon, set provincially within national standards and escalating as necessary to achieve the targets and goal
  • carbon revenue dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and enhancing social benefit
  • support for voluntary leadership by individuals, communities, and business
  • clear and regular reporting of climate trends, progress made, and carbon revenue and funding

All carbon revenue should be used for climate action, including:

  • investments in climate friendly infrastructure, such as
    • stormwater management
    • public transit
    • complete community design
  • investments in the social infrastructure to support climate action, such as
    • voluntary sector programs and engagement campaigns
    • community action for engagement and climate projects
  • incentives for individuals, businesses, and communities to adopt climate solutions, such as:
    • climate-friendly technology
    • energy efficiency and conservation
    • recognized actions with co-benefits of reducing carbon and enhancing quality of life


For more information on provincial and federal climate plans see the web links on our Best Web Sites.

For information on municipal leadership, see the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection program.