Government Climate Funding

Government Climate Funding

Most governments have a climate plan. You just have to dig to find out if there are public incentives or community funds included in them.

It should be easier. We should be able to put together a summary chart on how the climate revenue is being used to support climate adaptation, mitigation, and the long-term transition to a low-carbon future.  Something like this:



A National Database

Taking it one step further, we should have a national database on climate funding.

Imagine what we can do with all the data on incentives, funding, and support programs at our fingertips. More than just a searchable database, it should be able to tailor the information to your research or outreach needs. It should be able to produce information sheets for a community group meeting, an association meeting, a school project, or research into climate strategies.

Just another project idea. Here is an example.

Sample Worksheets

Comparing Electric Vehicle Subsidies

With a fully searchable database, it will be possible to sort the data into worksheets for specific purposes. As an example, this factsheet compares provincial subsidies available for electric vehicles in B.C., Ontario, and Quebec.