Let's empower communities to lead

Community Action Overview - download as a pdf or Powerpoint presentation.


Imagine what we could accomplish with a network of organized communities across Canada.

Most communities in Canada have at least 40 groups or associations of one kind or another, including social, cultural, religious, health, recreation, environmental, food, social services, business, and ratepayers. Add in municipal institutions (schools, libraries, and recreation centres), local politicians and municipal staff, community foundations, business leaders, and community leaders, and you have a formidable network of people who are dedicated to improving their community. They will all have different mandates priorities, but they all bring people together to tackle local challenges and come up with solutions.

Community action requires a bit of up-front planning and coordination. It requires an investment in the social infrastructure that is the groups, agencies and volunteers who are dedicated to making our communities a great place to live. If we help them, they will be able to help us.

Celebrating the Parkdale Community Economic Development Plan (Toronto)




How to Organize

Really, there is no firm set of rules for organizing a community. It generally starts with a few individuals and can build from there.

What we offer here are some resources under four main levels of organizing that starts with a local green neighbours group and takes you through deeper levels of activity. Talk it up, and see what might work for your community.

For more ideas, check out Cool Communities: 50+ ideas for community engagement on climate action!