Climate Action – home version

Climate action at home

Looking to run a public outreach campaign on climate change?  Are you leading a meeting for your members of the public? Our Climate Action cards help people develop their own plan of action. Click on the image for a pdf version.

A Climate Action card can be used to break the ice in a community workshop or classroom. Have yellow highlighters handy, so people can colour in the stars they have earned.

  1. Go down the list of questions. Encourage people to talk about the actions they have already done.
  2. Congratulate people for the actions they have taken to date.
  3. Talk about changes that have happened over the last decade:
    1. changes in lighting from incandescent to fluorescent and now LED lights.
    2. increased efficiency in cars, and the development of hybrids and now electric vehicles
    3. the decline in cost for solar panels, and the ease with which they can be purchased
  4. Talk about the next ten to twenty years:
    1. How much and how fast will technology change for different products (e.g. cars, renewable power, homes)?
    2. How will our economy and communities change?
    3. What might happen with the cost of living?
    4. What might happen with the weather?
  5. Talk about what we can do:
    1. in our homes and families
    2. in our jobs and careers
    3. in our communities
  6. Encourage people to make a list of what they want to do next as climate leaders - solutions that will improve their lives at the same time as saving energy and reducing climate change.
  7. For community groups, the next step may be to discuss possible community projects including information nights, technology demonstrations, community outreach, or community enhancement (gardens, bike lanes, innovation centre etc.)

Climate Action - home version

Promotional material

Add in promotional items, such as stickers or window cling, to let people show their support for climate action.