50+ Ideas

50+ Ideas

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Cool Communities: 50+ ideas for community engagement on climate action. (First draft)

Hey. We got ourselves into this climate mess, and we all need to find a way out of it. Our lifestyle and our consumer choices are a huge part of the problem. They must also be a huge part of the solution.

Here's how we do it:

  1. We create cool communities. We organize and support local groups to reach out to their members and friends with climate solutions that also improve our lives and our communities.
  2. We support action. We look for government leadership and other support programs that will make climate solutions easy, affordable, and desirable.

This guide to community engagement has ideas for projects. It also shows how they fit together into an overall engagement strategy, and why it matters!

The first draft has over 50 ideas and links to resources and case studies. With your help, the next draft should top 100 ideas. Send us your ideas and suggestions.

What should we do first? Click here to find out the top ideas for community engagement.