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Canada's climate solution websites

Sure, there's Google. But what we all really want is a good information about the solutions, products and services, and incentives and project funding that will help us take action. Here are some of the best websites in Canada with information on climate solutions.



The best

First, let's start with a couple of examples of what we are looking for. Here are two examples of great Canadian websites for climate action. Sites with imagination and information. Sites with solutions you will want. They set the benchmark for providing people with information and incentives to take action.



Turn Back the Tide

A catchy title, a great design, and a website chock full of ideas and with links to incentives and support programs. Produced by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, this is what a government information site should look like.


Community Resilience to Extreme Weather

A dedicated group of volunteers working to help neighbourhoods and low income buildings organize and plan for extreme weather events and blackouts. This site shows the potential for community-based voluntary sector leadership on climate action.


Climate Resources

These are some of the best websites with information on climate solutions and incentives. They will give you an idea of the resources that are out there, and a starting point for researching your own action plan and solutions.

Climate Action by Region


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Partners for Climate Protection (Federation of Canadian Municipalities)
FCM manages a federally-funded program to assist Canadian municipalities to plan for climate adaptation and mitigation. Over 300 municipalities across the country are involved, at various steps along the five milestones:

  1. Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast
  2. Setting an emissions reductions target
  3. Developing a local action plan
  4. Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities
  5. Monitoring progress and reporting results

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Canadian government
The Canadian government's information page on climate change.


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Energy Efficient Alberta
Alberta's one-stop site for energy saving incentives and rebates for homes and businesses. It doesn't get much simpler to save!

Alberta's Climate Plan
Information on Alberta's plan, including a short page on What You Can Do.


British Columbia

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BC Climate Action Toolkit
A detailed website of ideas, guides, and resources available for community-based climate action.

B.C.'s Climate Plan
Information on the government's climate plan. See the section on Get Involved to find incentives for home and office energy conservation, community organizing, and transportation.



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Manitoba Climate Change site
Look at the What You Can Do section for tips and links.

Manitoba Hydro
Information on conservation programs and incentives

Newfoundland and Labrador

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Turn Back the Tide  (government site)
A great one-stop shop for Newfoundland and Labrador's climate action plan. Here, you'll find factsheets on solutions, links to incentives and resources, and interactive tools.

Northwest Territories

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Climate Change
The government's information site on climate change.

Nova Scotia

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Climate Change
The government's information site on climate change.


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Nunavut Climate Change Centre
The government's information site on climate change, including a section on Voices From the Land.



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Climate Change (Government of Ontario)
The Ontario government's main information page on climate change and their Climate Action Plan. Additional pages are available on key government initiatives, including:

Save on Energy (Independent Electricity System Operator)
Keep an eye out for their coupons for electricity conservation. It's a great way to save money while saving energy.

Local Utilities
Check your local utility for information as well - they usually run the same incentive programs and also have their own conservation programs

Toronto Atmospheric Fund
TAF has the mandate to support climate throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Check their grants section for more information.

City Programs
You may find good resources on your local municipal government site.

  1. Live Green Toronto has great ideas on combining green living and quality of life. Be sure to sign up for the Live Green card to get discounts at participating stores and businesses.
  2. Transform TO  integrates climate action and quality of life into a long term plan for the Toronto.

The Green Leaf Challenge
The Ontario Government and Forests Ontario are inviting Ontarians to celebrate Ontario’s 150th birthday by taking part in the Green Leaf Challenge (GLC) and helping us to plant 3 million trees across the province.

Prince Edward Island

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Climate Change
The government's information site on climate change.


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Climate Change
The government's information site on climate change, with a page of links to reports and information on the Green Fund.


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Climate Change
The government's information site on climate change.


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Climate Change and Yukon
The government's information site on climate change.

Climate Solutions


Extreme Weather

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Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW)
Just a bunch of community volunteers in Toronto, but they have already compiled one of the best sources of information on how to plan for extreme weather in your home, building or community.

Get Prepared (Government of Canada)
Three good sections: Know the Risks, Make a Plan, and Get a Kit

Weather Underground (US)
This site has summaries for all types of emergencies - so you can pick the preparation plan for the most likely events in your location.

Flood Ready (Government of Canada)
Tips on how to prepare for floods at home an in your community.

Home Energy Conservation

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NAIMA Canada
NAIMA is the association for all those businesses that sell insulation products. They've made it super easy for people to find incentives and rebates for investing in conservation.  Smart!

Green Communities Home Energy Solutions
A program of Green Communities Canada, with non-profit associations in municipalities across Canada. A home energy assessment is the first step to figuring out which energy conservation measures will give you the best return in lowering your bills and improving your home comfort.

Renewable Energy

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Interested in renewable energy? You can choose to green your existing energy bills, produce your own power, or participate in community energy projects.

Green your Bills

Bullfrog Power
Green your energy bills by paying a premium for green energy. Bullfrog Power invests in green energy projects across the country. so your premium is helping to green the grid and offset carbon emissions.

Produce your own power

Canadian Solar Industry Association
CanSIA is a great place to start for information on the solar industry in Canada.

There are a number of companies that offer turnkey solar solutions for your home. Here are some of them:

Community Power

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
OSEA works with communities in Ontario to set up community power projects.


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