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Here's what we know:

  1. Climate change is real.
    We are already feeling the effects of extreme weather and rising costs for energy and food. The impact will only become more pronounced. 
  2. Canadians are ready to act.
    Show us how acting on climate change can create a better future. Help us save money, improve our lives and our communities, create jobs, and support our local economies. 
  3. We can do better.
    We currently have no national climate action campaign that is designed to help people and communities take action. We are focused on government policy, and not on empowering individual action.


Climate Action Canada

Climate Action Canada was set up in 2016 by Chris Winter. It builds on his thirty-plus years of experience in environmental strategic planning, community action, and movement-based social marketing, much of it with the Conservation Council of Ontario. The purpose of the site is to help shape a national climate action movement - nationally, provincially, and locally.

All the resources on the site can be freely adapted and adopted to fit existing climate plans and outreach programs, including:


Where Next?

Cool Communities is ready to roll.

Read the pitch - and see how it fits with your community, climate action plan, or organization.

Community sparks: Would your community benefit from a community climate action plan? Whether you are a Transition Town, a Green Community, a Healthy Community, a Green Neighbours group, or any other group interested in promoting climate action, look at initiating a Cool Communities project.

Governments: empower communities and the voluntary sector as active partners in your climate plans. Include Cool Communities into your climate action plan and build local capacity for climate action.

Foundations and Corporations: Integrate Cool Communities into your funding and outreach programs. Fund community organizing, or develop funding and support programs for specific solutions.

National Leadership: Climate Action Canada should be a national campaign: a collaboration of organizations and companies, spearheaded by a national environmental organization. The campaign would embrace social marketing, co-marketing of climate solutions, and support for community and individual action. If your group is interested in participating or hosting, please contact me (below).