What if we saw climate action as a good thing?

Not a sacrifice, not a cost, but an opportunity to create a better future. The future we want, not the future we fear.

We'd tackle climate change differently -- understanding that the journey ahead is a long one, that it will start with simple steps, and that it will gain momentum over time.
We would help people take action in ways that improve their lives -- save money, reduce stress, create jobs, build communities, and increase our quality of life.
We would use that momentum to encourage governments to invest in our future -- in transit, green energy and conservation, a green economy, and complete communities.

We'd start by helping people take action -- in their own way, and for their own reasons.

Climate Action Canada

Our mission:

Connect climate action with social benefit for a better future.

Our theory of change:

If the solutions improve our lives, they’ll stick.

Our approach:

Movement-based social marketing

We’d help connect people with solutions


Imagine all the incentives, project funding, and support services for climate solutions at your fingertips. Now imagine being able to create your own information sheet for personal use, school projects, or community meetings.


Imagine having project ideas and marketing resources to help with promoting solutions in your school, community, organization, of business. You provide the audience and we will provide the tools you can use as is, or “adapt and adopt” to your outreach campaign.


We will help build the future we want with national programs and campaigns to promote climate leadership. These are the high-level projects and campaigns developed in partnership with Canada’s climate leaders and which will build support for investing in a healthy, prosperous, low-carbon future


We'd run local and national campaigns

What if we designed campaigns to help people and strengthen communities?

We'd focus on:

  1. creating a nation of climate leaders
  2. helping people take action - in their own way and for their own reasons
  3. connecting people with incentives, products, and services to help them take action
  4. supporting organizations and communities across Canada as leaders in helping people take action

We'd design Climate Action campaigns, combining nation-wide marketing with community projects and campaigns.

See our ideas for community and nation-wide projects and campaigns.

We'd Design Better Climate Plans

What if we designed climate action plans from a social perspective?

We'd focus on:

  1. solutions people want
  2. solutions that improve our lives at the same time as reducing carbon emissions
  3. nudging change through incentives and green infrastructure
  4. using immediate action as the foundation for deeper transition
  5. investing in innovation in research, local economies, and business development
  6. supporting community and voluntary sector leadership and support
  7. building strong, complete communities as a foundation for a low-carbon society

Rising to the Challenge shows how all governments and climate leaders can incorporate a strong social component in their climate plans.

Words of support

Peter Love
Former Chief Energy Conservation Officer of Ontario

I have known and respected Chris for many years. I am pleased to hear that he will be creating Climate Action Canada that will help make energy conservation easy and affordable for people in their homes and where they work. I look forward to working with Chris and others to make this new organization a great success.

Ralph Torrie
Torrie Smith Associates

Kudos to Climate Action Canada for this “next generation” approach to climate change response. Our research and experience over the last 25 years teach us that we advance toward sustainability when we identify solutions that excite people, that make life better while also reducing our environmental footprint. This is the key to engaging Canadians from all walks of life in building a better future. The Climate Action Canada initiative has this wisdom right in its “DNA” and that is why it merits our support and that is why it will succeed.

Tyler Hamilton

Clean Break

“Many talk about the need for clean technology innovation. True, more innovation is always welcome, but don’t overlook the plethora of products and services that already exist to help homeowners and businesses lower their carbon footprint. The technology answers are already there. All we have to do is find a home for them.”

Sheila Murray,

Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW)

Thank you for making community resilience to extreme weather one of the top priorities.

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