What if we saw climate action as a good thing?

Not a sacrifice, not a cost, but an opportunity to create a better future.
The future we want, not the future we fear.


We'd tackle climate change differently -- understanding that the journey ahead is a long one, that it will start with simple steps, and that it will gain momentum over time.

We would help people take action in ways that improve their lives -- save money, reduce stress, create jobs, build communities, and increase our quality of life.

We would use that momentum to encourage governments to invest in our future -- in transit, green energy and conservation, a green economy, and complete communities.

We'd start by helping people take action -- in their own way, and for their own reasons.

We'd put people at the heart of our climate plans.


The Blue Arrow: the symbol for climate action

Read our Climate Plan for Canadians, or scroll down for our priorities.

Our Priorities

Social Benefit:

Include social benefit as a priority for climate plans and carbon funds


Raise new funds for climate action

Community Engagement:

Support community-led action across Canada

Climate Leaders:

Create a nation of climate leaders

Four steps to a national movement

Climate Action Canada is not an organization, it is an idea for a national collaboration that uses the urgency of climate action to create a better future for Canada. Climate action should not only reduce carbon emissions, it should do so in ways that help us save money and live better, strengthen our communities, and create good jobs.

Eventually, Climate Action Canada should be a collaboration between governments, businesses, and organizations. Right now, the challenge is to build a common commitment to connecting climate action with social benefit. There are four initial priorities, each one laying the foundation for the next:

  • 1. A nation-wide petition: We need to build a strong social mandate and encourage our local, provincial and national governments to place people at the heart of climate plans, using climate action as the path to a better future for Canadians and our communities.
  • 2. Funding climate action: We need to strengthen the funding for climate action through carbon pricing, climate philanthropy and grassroots fundraising.
  • 3. Community Action: We need to strengthen community capacity to engage residents and help them take action, and to take on climate action projects that benefit the community.
  • 4. Climate Leaders: We need to promote a nation of climate leaders, in our homes, our businesses, and our communities.

There's room for everyone in climate action

Find out how you can be part of a national movement.



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