What if we saw climate action as a good thing?

Not a sacrifice, not a cost, but an opportunity to create a better future.
The future we want, not the future we fear.


We'd tackle climate change differently -- understanding that the journey ahead is a long one, that it will start with simple steps, and that it will gain momentum over time.

We would help people take action in ways that improve their lives -- save money, reduce stress, create jobs, build communities, and increase our quality of life.

We would use that momentum to encourage governments to invest in our future -- in transit, green energy and conservation, a green economy, and complete communities.

We'd start by helping people take action -- in their own way, and for their own reasons.

We'd put people at the heart of our climate plans.


We'd use climate action as the opportunity to create the future we want.


50+ Ideas

We have a few ideas.

Ideas for engaging your community, ideas for government leadership, and ideas for organizations, companies, and funders. 

Here’s How We Help

  • 1. Community Action: We have tools and resources that will help you organize and engage your community.
  • 2. The Climate Arrow: Use the climate arrow to show how your activities support a better, low-carbon future. Integrate the arrow into your artwork and branding.
  • 3. Climate Leaders: Help build a nation of climate leaders with the Climate Leaders campaign.
  • 4. Best Sites: Find some of the best information sites on climate action, including government funding and incentives, and programs and support for individual climate solutions.

There's room for everyone in climate action

Find out how you can be part of a national movement.



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