Congratulations Canada

It's a bold target.
An 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Getting there won't be easy. We're going to need help. A lot of help.

How about 36 million people?

-- each in their own way, and for their own reasons.

Climate Action Canada helps people act on climate change -- in their homes and communities.


Can we make a difference?

Believe it. Climate action can help us save money and live better at the same time as we lower our energy use.
We can use climate action as the opportunity to create the future we want.


So how can we organize 36 million people?

Actually, it's not that hard. Here's three ways we can help organize Canada for climate action:

  • Community Action: Organize communities. Draft a local climate action plan, help people to find solutions that meet their needs, and take on projects that will benefit the community.
  • Government Plans: Design government climate plans and information websites to support climate action by the public and communities. Offer incentives, community and NGO funding, support programs and campaigns, and invest in climate infrastructure.

See the links above, or read the whole plan: "Engage! How to put Canadians into Canada's Climate Plans".

How are we doing?

Not so good. 
But it is still early days and there is positive momentum.
We're tracking three indicators of how Canada can organize to support climate action:
  • the number of government  websites for climate action,
  • the number of communities organized for climate action, and
  • the number of collaborative climate action campaigns in Canada
Here's where we stand:
Sr. Government (14)
Municipal (3,000+)
Communities (5,000+)

Got the picture?

We need to do much more! And you can help.
See Info for details on Climate Action Canada, and how you can help.

Cool Communities

Let's start by organizing communities. Low cost and just five steps:

  1. identify a lead
  2. set up a community network (who's who)
  3. conduct a scan (who's doing what)
  4. draft a community climate action plan (what do we want to do)
  5. engage the community (initial outreach and action)
Organizing is the first step in connecting people with solutions they want, and in helping promote climate solutions to Canadians. A simple plan that benefits all.