What if we saw climate action as a good thing?

Not a sacrifice, not a cost, but an opportunity to create a better future.
The future we want, not the future we fear.


We'd tackle climate change differently -- understanding that the journey ahead is a long one, that it will start with simple steps, and that it will gain momentum over time.

We would help people take action in ways that improve their lives -- save money, reduce stress, create jobs, build communities, and increase our quality of life.

We would use that momentum to encourage governments to invest in our future -- in transit, green energy and conservation, a green economy, and complete communities.

We'd start by helping people take action -- in their own way, and for their own reasons.

We'd put people at the heart of our climate plans.


The Blue Arrow: the symbol for climate action

Read our Climate Plan for Canadians, or scroll down for our priorities.

Our Priorities

A national petition:

Let’s put people at the heart of climate plans

Community Action:

Support community-led action across Canada

Climate Leaders:

Let’s create a nation of climate leaders


Let’s support people who are acting on climate change

Four steps to a national movement

Climate Action Canada is not an organization, it is an idea for a national movement that uses the urgency of climate action to create a better future for Canada. There are four steps. each one laying the foundation for the next:

  • 1. A nation-wide petition: We need to build a strong social mandate and encourage our local, provincial and national governments to place people at the heart of climate plans, using climate action as the path to a better future for Canadians and our communities.
  • 2. Funding climate action: We need to strengthen the funding for climate action through carbon pricing, climate philanthropy and grassroots fundraising.
  • 3. Community Action: We need to strengthen community capacity to engage residents and help them take action, and to take on climate action projects that benefit the community.
  • 4. Climate Leaders: We need to promote a nation of climate leaders, in our homes, our businesses, and our communities.

There's room for everyone in climate action

Find out how you can be part of a national movement.



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