We Canadians love our country

Canada is a great place to live
and we want to keep it that way.

Climate change is a threat to all we hold dear -- our way of life and our children's future.
No wonder we are worried.
Activist or denier, it seems the one thing we have in common is that we fear change.

What if we focus the future we all want:

A great life, in a great community and a great country, and on a great planet

All it takes is five simple steps:
acknowledge the threat
focus on a common vision
plan for how we will get there
act now, as best we can
adapt over time


A thousand climate plans

Climate action is for everyone. We all need a climate plan, whether you are an individual or family, community, business, or government. We all need to be able to look around us and see a thousand climate plans by friends, local and national businesses, and our governments.
Together, we'll find solutions that will improve our lives and help us deal with climate impacts, lower our energy bills, improve our commute, give us energy independence, create good jobs, and support vibrant communities.
We'll find solutions people want.