Canada is a great place to live
and we want to keep it that way.

Climate change will change everything - our climate, our economy, our lives - unless we can can change ourselves.
That's no small task.
We need to find solutions that make sense:
Solutions that are easy, affordable, and desirable.
Climate Action Canada offers ideas and resources to help climate leaders design better climate plans and programs,

What if we focused on the future we want:

A great life, in a great community, and a great country

We'd find solutions that will improve our lives and help us deal with climate impacts, lower our energy bills, improve our commute, give us energy independence, create good jobs, and support vibrant communities.
We'd find solutions people want.

Better Climate Plans

The big difference is to design a climate plan from the bottom up.

  • Start with people and communities. They are our clients.
  • Work with community groups, organizations, and businesses. They are our allies. Find common ground and a common vision.
  • Develop integrated solutions. Climate friendly solutions that support communities and local economies.
  • Collaborate. Find where you can lead, where you need help, and how you can help others.
  • Find solutions people want. If climate solutions are to be effective in the long run, they must be easy, affordable, and (above all) desirable.
Climate Action should be easy

A Thousand Climate Plans

In the end, what we need is not just one big climate plan, but a thousand interconnected plans from communities, businesses, organizations, and governments. And a thousand plans leads to the level of action and commitment needed to get us to the future we want.


  • A vision (transformation)
  • Priorities and targets
  • Leadership
  • Partnerships
  • Support programs and funding
  • All party support


  • A vision (market transformation)
  • Products and/or services
  • Collaboration
  • Community Support


  • A community vision
  • A community network and resources
  • Community priorities
  • Volunteer energy
  • Funded projects


  • Research centres
  • Solution leaders
  • Funders
  • Promoters